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The Concept: Original Edition

  • The Concept: Original Edition

The goal of 'The Concept' is to craft a pitch for a show-stopping piece of branded entertainment. Think, Gruen’s The Pitch meets Cards Against Humanity. It's proof of the instant creativity that's at our fingertips, waiting to be unleashed.

So how do you play?

Firstly, select a card from each category to build your branded entertainment brief.
Either lay the cards out to see all of your options face up, or deal them at random for a pitch of pure chaos. The real challenge is in how you sell the concept and explain why it speaks to your customers' worldview; i.e. "this campaign is for people who believe ________ ."

Your customers' worldview is up to you. It's the one card you need to write out for every pitch.

As for the other categories, they have wildcards too. So if you can't find your dream card, use a wildcard to write it yourself.